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“Help students build substantive relationships by placing them in the company of mentors and advisors as well as peers who share intellectual interests.”  – George Kuh, Founding Director of the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

This is an invitation to your organization and/or school to join the Stay College Connected ™ campaign.

The most recent research asserts that one key factor to academic success is “engagement” which is strongly dependent upon a student’s ability to “connect” to a campus adult or an organization at the institution

Students consistently refer to the power of having strong relationships—a formal or informal network on campus that includes peers, instructors, advisors, andor mentors. One recurring theme is the value of someone who believes in me—someone the student respects and who makes time when the student needs help.
(Center for Community College Student Engagement-2014)

For example, Uriel Serrano, a student at California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA) and Alexis Downey, a student at Pasadena City College (PCC), both recount how lost they felt their first semesters at college and how once they became “College Connected” they felt more academically engaged

Uriel writes, “I did not know much about campus resources, and it was not a good experience. I visited many offices, but they sent me from one office to another. I did not have a place or organization I could count on to answer my questions. Then, in my third year at CSULA I took a Sociology course—which is now my major—with Dr. Molly Talcott. Dr. Talcott was the main person who helped me during my undergraduate experience.”

Similarly, Alexis Downey writes, “I was lost and completely confused during my first semester at Pasadena City College. Then, I found the Ujima program at PCC. It was the most helpful organization on campus. The Ujima faculty and counselors provided me with several job opportunities and connected me with notable mentors. I am grateful to have been a student in PCC’s Ujima program.”

Helping educational institutions actively promote student engagement is the main goal of TCS’ Stay College Connected ™ campaign.

Imagine it is the first two to three weeks of the fall or spring semesters and the majority of campus administrators, faculty, and staff are wearing shirts or jackets or students are carrying book bags with your school’s name and one of these phrases

• Stay College Connected-talk to an advisor
• Stay College Connected—join a study group
• Stay College Connected—find a mentor
• Stay College Connected—join Sisterhood
• Stay College Connected—Join First-Year Experience
• Stay College Connected—apply your senior year
• Stay College Connected—meet with a College Counselor
• Stay College Connected—keep up your GPA

Then, imagine incoming students, like Uriel Serrano and Alexis Downey, engaging in a conversation with one of your campus administrators, faculty, staff, or students about the printed messages on their shirts, jackets, or book bags. This dialogue may help students understand how to become college connected and how their engagement may help them improve their academic success. Additionally, colleges will be encouraged to post students’ “College Connected” stories, similar to the ones of Uriel and Alexis, on their school’s website.

I hope that you accept my invitation to join the Stay College Connected ™ campaign. If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact Beverly Tate, TCS’ College Connected owner, at batate2014@gmail.com or (949) 363-0095.

I look forward to talking to you about collaborating with TCS and other colleges on this campaign.